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Gerardo Berbeglia

NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
McGill University

Email: gerardo.berbegliaxx[at]xxhec.ca


Gerardo Berbeglia

Published and accepted journal publications

Submitted journal publications

Selected presentations

  • G. Berbeglia, Complexity Analyses and Algorithms for Pickup and Delivery Problems. Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Annual Meeting, July 17-20, 2010, St-John's, Canada (Prize Plenary Speaker).
  • G. Berbeglia, J.-F. Cordeau, G. Laporte, A hybrid tabu search and constraint programming algorithm for the dynamic dial-a-ride problem. ALIO/INFORMS Joint International Meeting, June 6-9, 2010, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • G. Berbeglia, G. Pesant, L.-M. Rousseau, Checking the feasibility of the Dial-a-Ride Problem Using Constraint Programming. Optimisation Days 2008, May 4-6, 2009, Montreal, Canada.
  • G. Berbeglia, G. Pesant, L.-M. Rousseau, Complexity analysis and algorithms for some dial-a-ride relaxations. VI ALIO/EURO Workshop on Applied Combinatorial Optimization, December 15-17,2008, Buenos Aires, Argentina.