Research Chairs At C.R.T.

Bell Chair in Networks Architecture

Actual telecommunications networks have to be streamlined and managed at lower costs. Presently, the tendency is to use an architecture for the backbone network which is using the IP protocol (Internet Protocol) with a multiwavelength optical transport infrastructure in order to offer all services. Still, technical problems remain to be resolved and, particularly for the optical transport part. The Bell Chair in Networks Architecture, created in April 2004, focus on these problems and seeks to find network architectures, protocols and softwares that will allow an optimal performance of the network infrastructure and streamline its management.

Steven CHAMBERLAND, Chairholder

Canada Research Chair in Logistics and Transportation

Created in April 2006, the Canada Research Chair in Logistics and Transportation aims at studying and developing mathematical models and solution algorithms for five families of problems arising in logistics and transportation: network design, vehicle routing, terminal management, inventory control, and revenue management. In each case, the objectives of the research program are to gain a better understanding of the basic structure of the problems being studied, to develop appropriate formulations of these problems, and to design efficient algorithms capable of solving large-scale instances within short computing times.

Jean-François CORDEAU, Chairholder

Logistics Management Chair

Officially inaugurated in May 2004, the mission of the Logistics Management Chair is to combine the study of logistics systems and transportation. The main objectives of the Chair are the development of models, methods and instruments which will allow a better understanding and mastery of these systems. The Chair also aims to transfer the technology of these methods and tools to public and private organisations, as well as to train highly qualified personnel.

Teodor Gabriel CRAINIC, Chairholder

Canada Research Chair in Risk Management

The Risk Management Chair was created in June 1996 by HEC Montréal. The School added this new facet to its long tradition of excellence, in order to attract leading international professors and to stimulate both research and training in the field of risk management.

Georges DIONNE, Chairholder

CN Chair in Economics and Intermodal Transportation (in suspense)

Created in the fall of 2002 thanks to a grant from Canadian National Railway Company (CN), the CN Chair in Economics and Intermodal Transportation focuses mainly on the study of the Economics of Transportation.

Robert GAGNÉ, Chairholder until September 1st, 2005.

Chaire de recherche de Concordia en optimisation de réseaux de communication

The objective of the CRC chair is the development of new tools or the improvement of the existing tools for the optimization of the design and management of communication networks. The fast evolution of technology, in particular the development of broadband networks and multimedia applications lead to reformulate the problems and consequently to rethink the more and more complex network design, planning and management. The research program will be an important driving force for the development new optimization methods in the networking and telecommunication areas, as well as efficient implementation of these methods. It is worth noting that software developed for the planning and the management of networks are among the most complex and sizeable software that are developed today, both in terms of size, memory requirements, power and complexity.

Brigitte JAUMARD, Chairholder

Canada Research Chair in Distribution Management

The scientific program of the Chair is centered on the development of innovating methodologies and on the solution of complex problems. The Chair's research projects can be divided into three categories, depending on the planning level considered: strategic, tactical and operational.

Gilbert LAPORTE, Chairholder Jean-François CORDEAU, Associate

Canada Research Chair in stochastic simulation and optimization

Created in January 1994, the Canada Research Chair in stochastic simulation and optimization aims at developing and studying effective methods of computer-generated random values and simulating and optimizing systems with random components. The research will make it possible to produce an accurate computer simulation of the behaviour of complex systems and thus enhance their performance.

Pierre L'ÉCUYER, Chairholder