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Work Group (WG) 1.1
Traffic and Travel Information Systems (TTIS)

WG Leader :

Ata M. Khan, Professor
Director, Transportation Research Centre
Department of Civil & Environnemental Engineering
Carleton University
1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K1S 5B6
Tel: (613) 520-2600 (5786)  Fax : (613) 520-3951
Rapporteur :

Paul Frigon, ing.
President, PSR Group Ltd
100 Craig Henry Drive, Suite 101, Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K2G 5W3
Tel: (613) 820-6019  Fax : (613) 820-7281

Documents (in PDF format)

Final Report
Draft Discussion Paper October 24 Workshop
Work Group Presentation October 24 Workshop
Rapport sommaire


The WG 1.1 has covered, from a Canadian perspective, current practice and research needs in telematics-based traffic and travel information systems (TTIS). Also, comparisons are made with other ATLANTIC partners. Specifically, four inter-related TTIS services were studied. These are traffic information, public transit and multimodal traveller information, road condition information, and road weather information. Themes explored relate to information needs, consumer interest, business issues, reliability of information, adding value to real-time information by making predictions (e.g., predictive travel time) for origin to destination travel, and technological factors such as infostructure and wireless communications.

Another notable activity of the WG1.1 is participation in the development of the Orange Book on "Predictive Travel Time". In addition to participation in teleconferences, the WG1.1 played a role in the Orange Book Workshop held in July 2003 at Carleton University. The Orange Book project is co-sponsored by ITS America's Special Interest Group on International Research & Learning and two U.S. private sector firms, TrafficCast and PBS&J. Highlights of the findings reported in the draft Orange Book are noted in this discussion paper (PBS&J 2003).